The Safe, Boring, and Extremely Cheap Drug That Could Cure Aging

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Disclaimer: I'm not a biologist or medical/health professional. I'm sharing this purely because it is interesting. 

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I've been taking metformin for a few years now, and I hope to benefit as a result. I've suffered no ill effects from it, and gone through several doctors that have been willing to continue prescribing it. I can't say if I've been benefiting, as I'm not statistically significant on my own. I reckon my general health level does contribute statistically to the thesis that it does provide benefits, however.


Thanks for the inputs. If doesn't have side adverse effects, I guess it wouldn't hurt to keep trying/using. Personally I think proper eating and sleeping habits can do wonders. You might like this:


I'm waiting for sleep to come in a pill, just like youth =p


Interesting article, there's a lot of stuff on the internet about metformin. People using it for anti aging to people warning it has serious side effects. If they were to start releasing it for anti aging ability I would imagine it would have to be in a extremely low dosage.