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[Economic] planning does not accidentally deteriorate into the militarization of the economy; it is the militarization of the economy.… When the story of the Left is seen in this light, the idea of economic planning begins to appear not only accidentally but inherently reactionary. The theory of planning was, from its inception, modeled after feudal and militaristic organizations. Elements of the Left tried to transform it into a radical program, to fit into a progressive revolutionary vision. But it doesn’t fit. Attempts to implement this theory invariably reveal its true nature. The practice of planning is nothing but the militarization of the economy.”

This is a part which even most Libertarians tend to miss. We understand that socialism cause poverty and destruction. But this article goes more in depth into the mechanics of socialism. I've seen many those who glorify Rome. But Rome was a militaristic nation that spread like country. Most things good and intellectual about Rome were assimilated from Greeks. Without Rome, we might even had a better intellectual flourishing from Greece.

I'd also like to add a little bit from comic books since they are so popular these days. I found it odd that people actually thought Tony Stark even had legitimate arguments for Sokovia Accords in Civil War.

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And, unfortunately, hyper-capitalism leads to war too.
The military industrial complex feeds itself on the excesses created by capitalism.

And when the govern-cement is in bed with the defense contractors, then basically you have a govern-cement of and buy the military.

As Gerald Celente says, "The business of The US is war"

The issue isn't hyper-capitalism, quite the opposite. It's that any form of government control exists over the economy. This control is what then is exploited by the military-industrial complex to create a consumerist-corporatist state, which needs war to sustain itself and who must execute control over ever increasingly larger sectors of the economy to prevent this power-hierarchy from breaking down, which would result in the pull-pushers loosing their grip on control and, subsequently, their power.

Hello dear @vimukthi.

In Venezuela, an administration that identifies itself as a socialist is established. In it, militarization predominates. Progressively, military actors were incorporated into public seats that were traditionally occupied by civilians.

According to certain opinions of prominent Venezuelan professors, they say that the case of the Venezuelan economy should be taken as an object of study in the chairs of economics of the Universities.

All best, Piotr.

The funny thing is that before everything blew up Oxfam International and many "Thinkers" and "Experts" were praising the Venezuelan system left and right:

The sad reality is most people stick their heads in the sand and never try to lean anything. We had massive failures like USSR and Cuba and Mao's China (40-100 million estimated deaths. The estimated range is so large because of the purging of the records) We've also had a lot of success stories like these:

Human Action: A Treatise on Economics by Ludwig von Mises and The Law by Frédéric Bastiat should e must reads for those ho live in Venezuela and those ho want to understand the situation better. I'll drop some quotes below:
On the bright side I see many embracing cryptocurrency and that's the silver lining I see for those who are living there. I wish them best of Luck!

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I just realized that I never actually thanked you for taking the time to reply to my comment. Appreciate it.

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Ah, the FEE! They are based in my home state of Georgia and often have really insightful information such as this!

Also, they are 100% correct on this, but would you expect anything different from Marvel though, with a character like her? They are the far more neo-progressive of the comic companies, so I have no doubt that some amount of social justice "Guilty by default" attitude would be acceptable to the writers or artists there.

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