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Things that cost more to make might sometimes cost more to buy but not always because other people pay for me? SEXISM I SAY!

Spoiler: Pink plastic is more expensive to produce then blue plastic.

Yes, not all colours are the same price. Some colours are more expensive. And pink is one of them..

Of course pointing that out makes you a misogynists because women should not be expected to pay more for their more expensive choice in colour.

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TL;DR did an excellent job putting this video together, as always.

And yes, blue is this... easily made by the bucketful, indestructible, use however you want stuff.

The pinks are all stuff that burn to a crisp at low heat. (you can make paint but not plastic) Except for a few, and those are what are needed in plastic.

However, what TL;DR didn't mention is that Gillette price gouging, they are just price gouging women a little less than men.

The blue package and contents costs on the order of 10¢ to make. (if not less)