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I agree with Matt Christiansen: After watching the Christchurch Mosque Shooter Video, after seeing the helplessness of the victims I too came to the conclusion that we don't need stricter gun laws.

The very opposite is needed: We need a relaxation of the gun laws. We need a relaxation of carry laws.

And now that news of that second mosque surface where a gun was present on the site of the defenders and the attackers where repelled I'm even more convinced that gun restrictions are not the answer.

It's telling that the media is not reporting on the 2nd mosque and that Australia and New Zealand tries to get the video off the internet.

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He is wrong. And you are wrong.

We are not Americans - we don't need to arm ourselves against the fear you would instill in us. We are stronger than that.

There was no gun at the second mosque. It was an EFTPOS machine.

America is full of guns. Look at how many killings happen there every day.

We don't have a gun culture here and look how many killings we have every day.

This was not just an attack on Muslims, that was an attack on New Zealanders, all of us by a foreign terrorist.

The authorities are trying to get the video off the internet because it is abhorrent, and the families should not have to deal with the fact that people around the world are watching their families members being killed - for macabre entertainment.

Look at how this country deals with an act of terrorism. Not with hate, not will calls for revenge.

The government has not sold its soul to the gun lobby, and so they are free to act and enact law changes that are supported by the majority of the country.

We don't need guns to solve our problems. We need the rest of the world to wake up and realize that they are being stupid by perpetuating the cycle of hatred and violence.