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Bettina talks to Helen Pluckrose, one of three brave scholars who recently pulled off the Grievance Studies Hoax, publishing a series of fake articles exposing the corruption and dangerous anti-male ideas which now dominate academic literature.

Helen Pluckrose says it perfectly: As long as your gender studies academic paper contains enough misandry it will be accepted and published

Misandry is all that is needed. Everything else can be total bullshit. As long as you have enough misandry,

And as soon as it's published it's considered true. Accepted knowledge ready to be used for even more misandrist gender studies papers.

Gender Studies is all one big lie

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What are we going to do with this last 50 years of studies?
It appears that most of them are unrepeatable, unverifiable if not just outright lies.

So, when humanity pulls their collective heads out of their asses,
will we begin shovelling shit to get back to the good stuff, or we throw it all away and start again at square one?

And i have a big beef with gender studies.
They have not once listed what women are stronger in then men!
Women can read and manipulate emotions far better than men. (at a bigger difference than men are stronger than women)

Why hasn't EQ, emotional quotient tests been standardized and verified?

Its like feminine studies doesn't study the feminine at all.
They are indeed just trying to find enough misandry.

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