Please fix your bugs like :)

in dlike •  4 months ago


Please fix your site DLIKE!


My profile only shows me 2 posts made, and I know that I have a lot more than that here.


When viewing from any web browser and open my profile it doesn't show how many posts I've made, just how many followers and how many members that I follow.


Also when I try to scroll down, it won't let me, it just pops back to the top automatically.


I think dlike would work much better otherwise...

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Nice bug you arise. Same problem to me. But we will be patient dlike working heard they are developing day by day. Very recently new update comming from dlike. Long live dlike.


I hear ya, no offense to steemit apps or dlike. I live for them all :)

Yes, there are lots of bugs. Hope they get ironed out.

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