Will Your Favorite Sh*tcoin Ever Moon Again? - Bitcoinist.com

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Ever wondered if that (shit)coin you bought during the ICO is still worth holding onto? You're not alone, but Meltem Demirors is here to help.

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It is possible that these useless currencies will rise again in price, but it is something that nobody will know unless they are manipulating the market.


Investing is like gambling, you never know what will happen...

Of course it will, it's all cycles.


Unfoftunately, that's not always true. So many ICO tokens disappear even faster than they arrived at the scene

luckily I have never fallen for an ICO . But, steem is making me nervous because nobody seems to be really on it to consume it just make money


I think the bigger part of the people that are still active at the moment is here for the community.
Steem is - for now - still very limited in options. There aren't many (external( places where you can use it as a currency, so it is mainly used as an investment

howdy there simplymike! I don't get this post, who is Meltem Demirors? lol. it's probably a joke and I don't get it.
also, recharging my shot sp but wanted to show my support.


I don't know who that is either, but I thought the article provided some good insights in ICO token sales


howdy there simplymike! yes Ma'am the article is a good one for those who are following that closely, good job.

Only alt I care about is Steem

Wish I had time to investigate even a portion of the things you post. I look at it like playing the lottery (do you even have that there?)
Anyway I buy lots of lottery tickets sometimes I win a little over all I always come out with more than the cost of tickets.
I kind of look at the coins the same and hope to eventually build a little portfolio.
Stick your finger in enough pies it is bound to come out with a plumb eventually.


Don't wofry, I've got the same thing going on. At one oint' Ihad all top 10 coins in my portfolio. And last December, when I had mzde so much profit, I decided to go shopping for small coins.
But to be honest, I am far too lazy to do a lot of research. I do read a little of the research other peole did, byt then in the end, I always buy following my gut feeling. Probabbly not the best investment technique in the business, lol