Tuesday Tips: New On SteemIt? Here's What You Need To Know!

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A collection of tips for SteemIt newcomers to help them to understand about the Steem blockchain - and the SteemIt platform in particular - so they have all the information and tools they need to grow their accounts

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This is a re-post of an article with tips for newcomers I wrote a while ago.

After post-payout, it disappeared into the dungeons of SteemIt where all posts go after they've reached payout.

The instream of new users, however, never stops. So I thought it would be useful to share these tips again and give newcomers some guidelines on how and where to get started.

Meanwhile, I'm working on a page that contains links to vauable articles that are a must-read when you've just arrived on the platform and want to make the most of your SteemIt adventure. It's a work in progress, though. New information will be added soon. Some useful info has already been added. You can check out the page HERE

The link below will take you to a post in which you'll find some tips on where to go to find more information about how the Steem blockchain and the SteemIt platform in particular works.

If you're new here, I highly recommend checking out the sources that are mentioned in the post.

I'll be adding more tips soon.

New On SteemIt? Here’s What You Need To Know!


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We are going to see many more informative posts like this from the leaders ushering in the next wave of arrivals. Well done!

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Thanks. I hope so

Handy to provide new users with some good tips to hopefully guide them.

That's the idea 😉

I can remember my first few months on steemit! I was SOOOOO lost!
Every tip I read really helped guide me too.

Meanwhile, I have a long list of tips. Now I only need to find the time to turn them into posts.
I'll be gathering the links on a page of my blog, so I can refer people to it any time

Have you tried Steem Bounty - Forever Steem? This is where you can keep your posts, after payout, going to the "Steemit Dungeon"... and they can keep getting "uplikes"! I love this project! .facebook_1531326118812_LI.jpg

It's one of the many things on my list - I only need to find the time to turn the information into a post... 😉

It's easy... from the Steem Bounty site, just hover the mouse cursor over the little "lightning bolt" icon near your sign-in top right. You will get a drop down box with two choices: "Steem Vote Exchange Club" and "Steem Forever". Click on Steem Forever which will take you to that landing page which you will see a big rectangular box with a greyed out "HTTPS...". From your Steemit (only from Steemit this works), open up the post you want to "live on forever", then highlight from your browser the entire HTTPS address for your post, copy it, then go back to the Steem Forever page, paste your address in that box, then click the "green upvote" arrow that's to the left of the box... that's it! Your post stays out of "Steemit dungeon" and lives on forever for you to keep on collecting upvotes on. Hope this helps some.😀😉

Thanks. I know how it works, there are just so many things I need to turn into a post. I've saved your explanation to my text file that contains all the tips.
Now I only have to find the time to create some teemIt 101 posts


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Always good to have a guide for newcomers!!

That's only like 1/1000 of it... There is so much information to share... It's going to take a lifetime of work, lol.
Naah, I have most of it noted down in Notepad. Just need to find the time to create posts out of it 😉

Great advice!

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Thanks simplymike for the guide to newcomers.

If a newcomer is reading this, some comments from me:

There's so much more than Steemit. There's a whole ecosystem on which Steemit, one of the many windows to the Steem ecosystem runs on. :)

The reality is that you never really stop learning about Steem. There's a lot of complexity here - but apps, people, and importantly, completing your own research is important.

And that's all on my list, lol. There's such a truckload of information that is valuable for newbies. I need to break it down in small chunks to avoid information overload 😉

I started making a powerpoint for new recruits that I'm using locally. There's so much to add to it along the way. I'll turn it into a video at some point. :)

That's the thing... there is so much that they need to know that I find it hard to figure out where to get started.
But I know my next post will be about checking your mentions. I noticed a lot of newcomers don't know how to.
I have a list full of tips, but I don't want to give them an information overload.

I think it's great you're making a PP. I'd love to see it one day

It's still a work in progress. Slow burn. But it's worked so far on one Steemian! :)

So it has already been a success 👍

Thank you for being a good person. @simplymike you definitely put in more effort to promote than most.

Thanks. I do consider it more like 'helping out' than promote, though😉

I've got a question. I notice you have the website https://mysteemworld.com where you have your posts as well as on steemit.com... where do you post first (or is mysteemworld just pulling your content from the blockchain?) and how does it affect your search engine ranking to have the same content in multiple locations?

There's a free WP plugin (@steempress) that shares your blog posts on the Steem blockchain on autopilot. Find it here.

On the Steempress page you can read:

The delay feature allow you to publish first on your blog and then publish to steem after a few days/hours/minutes (you decide the delay). Which means that google and other search engines will index your blog first and tag steemit.com as a duplicate. And so your blog’s seo ranking won’t be hurt.
We recommend a 7 days delay for maximum security.

However, I never use the option to delay my posts. I should, but I don't. The main reason I set up that blog is that I want to be in control of my content and not lose everything when the Steem blockchain would be wiped out (which is very unlikely, of course).

Also, SteemIt only just re-introduced an RSS feature. It used to be a hassle, going through FetchRSS, then Feedburner to be able to have a feed URL for your blog. A WP blog has an RSS feed automatically...

I often forget about the WP blog, though. Then I'm halfway done writing my post in markdown using the Steempeak editor, and too lazy to transfer it to the WP blog, lol.

"This is a work in progress: I will be adding links and information regularly, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back every once in a while." I've definitely had done this! Your web page is plum full of valuable information for the new Steemian! Thanks, @simplymike, for creating such valuable content! Even for those who have been on here for spell can nibble on these great insites you've provided... after all, all minnows can grow up to be a decent size fish of some sort by taking in these valuable "nutrients"! 528863_588233207858867_1533954478_n.jpg

I have a truckload of tips in a text file. I only need to find the time to turn them into posts, without risking an information overload.
There's so much that need to be explained.
And although I've been a dolphin for a couple of months now, and on the platform for 18 months, there are still things I don't have a clue about. This place is a neverending learning experience 😉

You sure right about Steemit being a never ending learning experience. All this new technology stuff coming at us at such a rapid pace... I sure get those "information overloads"!😉

We all did, and sometimes I still do 😂


Yup, Steem-Depths disappearance is an issue. Good archiving ideas are always welcome. Like making a list of a few favorite tags on the top left or right of a page/profile.

Sorry, I don't fully understand what you mean

I mean I'd like to organize my posts in permanently (easily) accessible tags.

Woohoo nicley done hunny :D well explained and great markdowns :D
&& Hiii sweety, hooow are your coner doing???

My coner???

'coner' is short for ; how are you doing, hows life, are your team behaving ^^ ;) like a sport term LOL

Another thing learned today 😉
My vocabulary is growing bigger every day, lol

LOL they say; life should be a lesson ;)

Amen to that!