Today's Roman Emperor: 5 Schools Of Thought

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Today I watched an interested video theorizing about who would be Roman emperor today. I was surprised to learn that there are five schools of thought. There are only two major political parties in America but FIVE theoretical camps you could fall in for 'Theoretical Roman Emperor' debates. I love that people put so much time and passion into analyzing history like this!

As for me, I fall into a sixth camp. There is no Roman empire so there really is no Roman emperor. If we wanted to go by these metrics, I bet that we can all claim some long-lost title of nobility or royalty. (Despite it not mattering, I would definitely claim a long-lost title if I knew of one. I love a good title.)

Also, if there were a real throne to be had it is probable that the families that had held the throne would have been usurped by other families looking to take that power. Who knows what power struggles would have shook the empire over the centuries.

Alternatively, if anyone is the new Rome it is America. Eagles? We got them on everything. How do we salute? Right hand over heart. Very Roman! This does not, however, help us find an emperor as America doesn't have one (though some might like to imagine themselves as one).

Regardless, it is fun to look at the lineages and debate what makes someone a rightful claimant to a title. The five different schools of thought are presented by more than a dozen Youtuber historians. Despite the length of the video I highly recommend watching it!

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