Do the People Close to You a Favor and Stop Listening to Them

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When people listen to Gary Vee or watch his video for the first time, many of them do not like him. Later, they love them. The thing is, the truth is not always sweet.

We are used to getting the advice like listen to your that and that. That's a general advice. Your parents love you very much. No doubt about that. But what you want to do something, out of fear, they prevent you from doing that. They think like what if you fail. What would you do then?

This is what happens in our society. I think many of you can relate to that. If you want to do something different that most people do not do in their career, see what happens.

You might think like no, no, my parents love me the most. They never prevent me from doing anything. There is a big difference between thinking and living your life doing that, my friend.

Please feel free to express your thoughts in the section. Looking forward to connecting with you.

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my fave are when he gets the Q&As😆

Yup, that's the most interesting part.