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This news article will definitely bring more interest Indian cryptocurrency community because it has some positive sense of cryptocurrency regulation in India. We as Indian Crypto community have been suffering since last more than real time for the regulation but nothing has been done officially till now.

I seriously hope that in coming months we can see some positive movement by the lawmakers and they come out with Crypto regulations.

Thank you.

Good luck to Indian Crypto community.

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@reeta0119 thats a good news i think court should go with crypto. As the future of crypto is very bright so we should adopt it very soon

Hi @imrankhosa1
Absolutely. Atleast somebody from govt is ready to hear about cryptocurrency. Hope to hear some positive news soon

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Court should support crypto community

Yea. They should @engrsayful

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This MP should be applauded for his proactive gestures. Now it is up to the crypto community in India to convince him with their facts, figures and reasoned arguments.

Well said @devann that this MP deserves appreciation that he came forward to hear from the crypto community. Now Indian cryptocurrency community's turn to share all the facts and figures with detailed analysis to show him. Thanks for stopping by.

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