The Old Man and The Farm: The Long, Tumultuous Saga of Ernest Hemingway’s Prized Miró Masterpiece | Vanity Fair

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Ernest Hemingway’s favorite painting was Joan Miró’s 1922 masterpiece The Farm. But as with so much in the writer’s life, it ended up sparking a bitter fight. Hemingway’s madcap tussles with his wives, MoMA, and the Cuban government took the canvas around the world and back. Nearly a century later, the painting has returned to Paris for a new exhibition.

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Ernest Hemingway, what an interesting fellow that was. Also one of my favorite writers.


@blockfreak which is your favourite book by him?

Blimey, that was a long read. Ernest and Mary don't come out of it very well (I never understood that marriage either). I'm glad that it was rescued before it completely deteriorated (poor Miro must have been devastated at its condition). I don't know very much about Miro, I must investigate. Thank you for sharing.