How Cryptocurrencies Can Influence the Future of Freedom

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“Gladstein feels we’re at a crossroads as a society—we’ll either go down a centralized path where our interactions are surveilled and censored, or we’ll go down a decentralized one that preserves our essential freedoms and rights.”

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It sounds promising, although i think there have been already some incidents around the world, most recently in Mexico regaridn money laudering via the blockchain. I think a potential for that.
Rrgarding my country,

“Bitcoin is an escape valve for people in Venezuela,” he said. “It gives them a way to store their money that their government can’t vaporize or inflate to nothing. It gives them a way to transact value with their relatives overseas. It upgrades the ability of remittances to be permanent.”

Yes, it's pretty much right, although the potential 1million% inflation is making it harder every day to preserve the value, even of cryptos, becuase sooner than later we need to turn them into Bolivares and they end up vaporized any ways.

Sounds pretty damn good to me. I just wonder how decentralization will be approved by groups with everything to lose. Often times, freedoms and rights are just catch phrases in the commercial to come live here....or anywhere.

As tough as a future of freedom will be, we have to get together and make it happen. Wishful thinking?

We are already on the centralised path. The question is whether we can find a way out of it peacefully. Thanks for sharing.

I believe that the centralized, control-over-others dynamics are disintegrating, as individuals realize that we truly can join together and change the entire structure of things on planet Earth. We're seeing the implosion happening around us right now, and we're also seeing the emergence of new modalities.

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