Woolies overhauls store staff structure in fresh food push

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Woolworths is overhauling how its staffs its supermarkets in what is the first store-level restructure at the retailer since 2011.

Well its in the news, so I guess I can put some carefully worded thought about my employer without breaking "social media policy".

It's an interesting experience to be in a meeting with 8 or 9 colleagues and be informed that your positions will not exist for much longer, and to be invited to apply for some of the newly created roles. And to then think that there is a thousand (literally) identical meetings happening all around the country.

Today has been full of R words for me. Redeployment, reapply, redundancy, retrenchment.

Lots to think about with uncertain times ahead.

Hopefully your day has been better than mine.



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Can be a concerning time for sure. Yesterday I was given a quote for $2500 worth of dental work needed and I have no income at the moment 🤪

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It's always the way, these challenges always come along with bad timing.

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Yes they sure seem to.

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Australian supermarkets are so different to Latin America. There's no self check out (high risk of theft). Only women can be check out chicks and dudes pack your bag and load them into your car (if you have one). If there's no dude (like in the 10 item or less line), it really slows down the line cos the women don't pack as they go but wait til the end. It's very frustrating going into supermarkets here just cos it takes so fucking long to buy anything.

That said, I'm sorry to hear to you might lose your job. I guess it's one extreme to the other.

Hey @choigirl, its interesting to here how different things are around the world. I should be ok, most likely step out of management and just be a worker. I'm in an area without lots of jobs, so taking a big retrenchment payout is a bit too risky. Thanks for your concern, nice to see you still around.

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