Impeachment hearings, Deval Patrick jumps into 2020 race and "The Crown" is back: The Morning Rundown

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During this impeachment hearing. I would love for the Congress Committee to see how the President was not allowed to help when the Parties who did the false filings had tides to that wrong Court as well who sent a Sheriff to my home. This was premeditated. The ones left at my home unlawfully used to go to the Court and stamp documents. The President did not send Anyone knowing these People had DA's, Court Staff, Drug Dealers, four armed Government Agencies, and menaces to society pretending to know me. ALL of them were working for the Government being able to plot on People's Families within the Family which is not permissible. We have rights. I exercised my rights for them to be permanently out of my life due to these corrupted connections that they use. I informed the President of the USA and the Attorney General DOJ William Barr. These Families and Friends do not have power over me. They do not tell me anything. Those unlawful arrests and records on me to steal my home stands for these Suspects to be charged with felonies. That's burglary, perjury, committing fraud, and trying to get a lien on my home during a Criminal Investigation where I have not had a full year to do anything. That means that is a felony. The taxes was my liability after the Trespassers were gone and work was completed. Which John and Laura Halliday knew that I was only going to pay them the rent to buy agreement amount without any additional payments until the Trespassers were removed. That NEVER happened. The damages are the Trespassers damages from a year or so prior from me moving in my home. After that I was supposed to double up payments, paying close to one year at a time to get the home paid for with my three jobs. The Trespassers and their Friends was envious of my plan. They did not know my plan. I would not discuss my Business plans with them. Now the lies are proving their crimes and interruptions at my home. They did not have a plan and was kicked out a year or so prior. I want ALL involved incarcerated. The certified letter clearly stated that I will give more when I can. Very CLEAR. No taxes has been paid by me because I have NEVER had a year without the Trespassers once the agreements were finalized.

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