Bank of America Wins Patent for Storing Clients’ Crypto Holdings in Enterprise Accounts

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The Bank of America has won a patent for a system for enterprises to store customers’ crypto deposits...


While the most recent filing focuses on the creation of a digital vault and custodial ownership, Bank of America also has patents pertaining to cold-storage, and payment methods for crypto that exchange in real-time, and think about that we are talking here about the the second largest banking chain in the United States!

As i mention in the past we are living very, very interesting days...

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Amazing that people are going to trust the banks with this stuff.  This should spur crypto acceptance but it is going to be dangerous.  I wonder how long until a hack takes place.

I wonder how can those big Banks support crypto currency when even the regulations around the crypto szene are not completed yet. Will the SEC go after Bank of America because they are trading unregistered Tokens??? I don't think so but the SEC will go after private ICO, exchanges and private persons who trade unrigistered Tokens...thats the crux!

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