How Windows and Chrome quietly made 2019 the year of Linux on the desktop | PCWorld

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With Microsoft's Windows Subsystem for Linux 2, a full Linux kernel running in Windows, and Google's pledge that all future Chromebooks will be able to run Linux apps, 2019 is the year of Linux on the desktop.

The users will not even know they are running the Linux kernel, or most of them at least, it's ubiquitous.

This is the kind of thinking we should apply to Steem, and how it should work from a users perspective, if they want to know how it works they can, but they should not have to be experts to use it, Splinterlands is a dapp that have adopted that kind of thinking, and in my opinion I think that most of the Steem ecosystem should go this way.

Steem should be in the background running everything, while the users are on the dapps posting, making videos, commenting, upvoting, playing games and gambling, and Steem is just ubiquitous to them, without the need to be experts.

Hopefully the tokenization of Steem through SCOT and SMTs will help with that, but I think we need to go there, and as fast as possible, what do you think?

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This I knew I never was even running Linux not until today in your post


Thanks @adenijiadeshina, it's basically everywhere, Andriod is based on it for example.

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