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Overheated Amazon servers cause absurdly low bitcoin rates
Some lucky traders had the opportunity to grab Bitcoin at a bargain price on August 23. The reason: A technical malfunction of the cloud service Amazon Web Services ensured that it came on various Asian Bitcoin exchanges to erroneous price data. Changpeng Zhao, chief of the Bitcoin exchange Binance, was the first to draw attention to the problem.

New record for the largest cryptocurrency
According to the crypto-analytics website, Bitcoin reached a new record in terms of realized market capitalization on 25th August. The realized market capitalization is an alternative indicator to the value of the traditional market capitalization. According to this index, there is another picture of the number one cryptocurrency - a more realistic one.

What is behind IOTA? The Tangle - a neat tangle
If you look at the IOTA price development, you have to admit: The crypto currency for the Internet of Things has seen better days in the rating. Nevertheless, for many IOTA-Hodler the matter is clear - the fundamental value remains unchallenged. Reason enough to take a closer look at the IOTA system. A little IOTA story.

Will the US dollar be replaced by a global digital currency?
One may assume: Bitcoin will probably not succeed so quickly to assert itself as digital world currency. Nevertheless, Mark Carney, head of the English central bank, has found the time for the US dollar to abdicate. In the current political, economic and social climate, it recognizes strong signs of a monetary policy turnaround. When it comes down to it, the time has come for a global digital currency.

Kleiman Process: Craig Wright must surrender 500,000 BTC
Not a week without the self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright. About 1.1 million BTC should, according to Craig Wright (CSW), self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto and patent assembly line, located in the so-called "Tulip Trust". Calculated in fiat money, the sum amounts to as much as 11 billion US dollars. The BTC came from a mining company that Craig Wright allegedly led with his then boyfriend Dave Kleiman. He now has to give back part of it.

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