DLIKE Sponsor Report #3 and Dranks Winners Of the week

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Hello Steemians!

This has been an excellent week for Dlike as we introduced our token. Check out Dlike token manual here.


This week dlike received 2715 new sp from reputable members. Details of this new SP is given below as all these new delegators will be rewarded with tokens and steem beneficiary reward from next week.

@flauwy(1000) @thebluewin(500) @elevator09(400) @leadent360(200) @smallville(100) @simplymike(100) @stokjockey(100) @andreaskalli(100) @mermaidvampire(100) @masterthematrix(100) @awesomegames007(15)

Thanks to all new sponsors!

Today, we are announcing the third week sponsor report for delegators and also the winners of dRanks for last week.

If you are not aware of what dRanks is then you must check dranks introduction post here. Through dranks we reward top dlikers every week. Last week we announced all top 10 users will be rewarded so details of rewards are given below!

User NameOn LeaderboardDlike TokensSTEEM
@gentmartin13000 Tokens3 Steem
@sanhtun22000 Tokens2 steem
@blockfreak31000 Tokens1 steem
@mgibson4900 Tokens0.9 steem
@klippengeist5800 Tokens0.8 steem
@seckorama6700 Tokens0.7 steem
@arshitha7600 Tokens0.6 steem
@tophash8500 Tokens0.5 steem
@caydenshan9300 Tokens0.3 steem
@joetunex10200 Tokens0.2 steem

Weekly Sponsor Rewards

 Here are details for third week steem rewards and dlike tokens reserved for our valuable sponsors. Rewards (steem and tokens) have already been sent to all delegators. This week 5% beneficiary rewards and 70,000 dlike tokens are distributed among delegators as per their share. 


User NameDelegatedSteem RewardsDlike Tokens Reserved
@jist200 SP0.078 steem14000 tokens
@bestboom150 SP0.058 steem10500 tokens
@viqral100 SP0.039 steem7000 tokens
@ender100 SP0.039 steem7000 tokens
@wstanley226100 SP0.039 steem7000 tokens
@mediahousent100 SP0.039 steem7000 tokens
@preparedwombat100 SP0.039 steem7000 tokens
@yandot100 SP0.039 steem7000 tokens
@elementm50 SP0.019 steem3500 tokens

dlike promotion program

dlike is inviting all user on steem blockchain to earn dlike tokens by writing about dlike. We will be rewarding upto 5000 dlike tokens for a good detailed review about dlike. For further guidelines, you can check dlike official discord channel.

dlike sponsorship program

dlike has recently announced sponsorship program for SP delegation. dlike is offering 5% beneficiary reward and 1:1 dlike tokens for all SP you delegate! You can delegate your steem power to @dlike by using the delegation options below: 

100 SP | 200 SP | 300 SP | 500 SP
1000 SP | 5000 SP | 10000 SP
15000 SP | 20000 SP
100000 SP

Follow @dlike for all future updates!

Join our Discord channel for feedback & questions.

Web: dlike.io

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It is a great project @dlike.

this is great
thank you very much @dlike

Thank you so much. Great format and lets hope this post encourages more people to join in and delegate and provide great shared content for us all to read

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