Dlike Is Kind of Hot Now

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Hello and Good day, my fellow Steemers! In this post I am going to promote about Dlike as they have been on the Steem blockchain for more than a hundred days now.

So what the heck is Dlike?

Dlike is a decentralized social media platform built on the Steem blockchain where people share what they like with others (acquaintances, friends or family) and it rewards the efforts of its users to do "proof of brain" work.

It is kinda like Pinterest where you share the links of images, articles, sound and videos that interest you and you get rewarded in Steem and dlike tokens for the amount of likes that you get for sharing.

If you ask me, that is a world apart better than Pinterest or Facebook where you get nothing by sharing. You only get numbers and symbols with the likes that you get on those social media platforms. With dlike, getting some kind of monetary reward with what you share by way of Steem and dlike tokens is a damn good reality.

A great incoming feature of dlike next week would be the launch of the Dlike android app. And coming soon also are Boards which will be added so that anyone can organize posts.

Great, what's more?

Dlike has decided to give away 5 million dlike tokens as a bounty airdrop to us Steemers. And also Dlike is giving 1:1 dlike tokens for all who would give SP delegation with plus 5% beneficiary rewards. Steemers can delegate their steem power to @dlike. All the good details are at https://steemit.com/airdrop/@dlike/5-million-dlike-tokens-airdrop-as-dlike-turns-100-days .

So what in blazes are you waiting for??? Go over to their website at https://dlike.io/ to start the fun!

Follow @dlike for all future updates and head over to their Discord channel for your feedback and questions.

And finally, thank you for reading my humble post about Dlike.

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nice info sir ..Godbless.

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