Starbucks Ceo Says No to Pot-Infused Coffee...And a $10 Billion Industry - CCN

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I am not a coffee drinker by a long shot, and I hate Star bucks, but if they would make the coffee more exciting by putting a little something something in it, I might change my mind.

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Most drug users are poly drug users. A lot of stoners love coffee with their weed. A common meme is coffee and bong hits or dabbuccinos (dabs and cappuccino of coffee). I like the combination, it's sometimes fun for brainstorming, but I don't need a company to do it for me, I can mix it myself.

CBD coffee seems pointless though unless it's to help people with low caffeine tolerance to tolerate the caffeine. Same with alcohol, recreationally it makes sense, but otherwise CBD would just mitigate the negative health effects.

They're sort of like a major politician. They have to say what the board determines is best at the time, but they'll come around when it seems most profitable to do so. Too bad, I'm sure they would sell a ton of their $20 shitty weed coffee. :)