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Yesterday Justin Sun CEO of TRON Foundation told us about his Lunch Appointment with the third Richest Person Warren Buffet. Justin Sun is supposed to have spent over 4 Million USD in an auction to get the opportunity to go on a Power Lunch with Warren Buffet. But that is not all he won, he even won an opportunity to sway the mInd of the Third Richest Person in the World about Blockchain. This all sounds amazing but there is obviously a small catch. If Justin SUn manages to get through Warren Buffet he will most certainly pitch him about TRON first and that might lead to a Bump in TRON Prices.


Now there is also a flipside to this story that others are not writing about which is the History of Justin Sun when it comes to such News. Previously Justin Sun has been seen taking pictures with known figures which had nothing to do with TRON but regardless it did help the Price of TRON so I am a tiny bit skeptic about this, but only a tiny Bit.


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