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Last year HTC launched its first-ever CryptoPhone named HTC Exodus 1 which had some features related to Blockchain but that wasn't a successful one if you ask me. So it seems now HTC has learned from their previous mistakes and now they are launching a more budget-friendly CryptoPhone named HTC Exodus 1s.

Now I can't say that this Smartphone/CryptoPhone will be a successful one but some of its features do grab some attention. The main aspect being the fact that you can run a Full Bitcoin Node on this Smartphone. This would itself be nice but the Phone might be priced around 250 USD which I feel is a bargain if it can successfully host a Bitcoin Node.

HTC is kind of betting in favor of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies which is quite evident from their recent updates so it will be very very interesting if they end up on the Positive side of things, by which I mean Cryptocurrencies.

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