Are you using DLease? 2x 500SP Delegation Contest Inside!

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After the past Easter promotion and the second one held thereafter, DLease wants to further expand its audience, get more people involved while giving back to the users of the service.

Getting real traction on social media requires a community effort to spread awareness and talk about DLease outside of the Steem ecosystem, where we already perform with great results.

To further achieve our aim, @buildteam is proud to announce this new contest, lasting until post payout.

Participating is extremely simple, you are required to do all the steps below:

  1. Follow the official Twitter profile at
  2. Make a tweet about DLease tagging the official profile via Twitter and using #dlease and #steem as hashtags
  3. Post a screenshot in the comment below of the taken steps


If you are leasing SP through dlease or filling a lease request, add a photo in the comments with your dashboard. You'll get an extra entry


2x 500 SP delegation for 4 weeks!
What a better opportunity to get more SP delegated while leasing your own Steem Power out for daily STEEM tokens?

This is a limited time only promotion. We want to get the STEEM community onboard, helping us to market to other communities.

This is another step in the right path. The results in terms of impressions through Twitter have been great in the first month of use. One of the challenges that our blockchain is (and will) face is the ability to expand towards non-crypto audiences and other crypto-oriented community. That's why reaching a broader audience is important.

In the process of growing, @dlease can proudly announce that sponsored LucksacksPoker & Scorum Poker tournaments for over a 4 week period.

Please, take action today. Sharing is caring!

Go to today and take it for a spin!

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Boom 💥

Thanks for your kindness and good gestures by giving back to Steemians, we’re keeping note of all your amazing activities.

Please can you visit my recent article on the goodness of DLease here?

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Thanks for the post @maxdevalue I checked it out!

Thanks for keeping to your promise sir!

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Ran into issues when mobile at @dlease with steemconnect but was able to do the lease with @minnowbooster!


Can you describe the issues so we can try fix it for future?

Sure! I would go through the SteemConnect login but it would not login.

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Congrats you have won 500 SP delegation for 4 weeks! Enjoy :)

I like the look of the Dlease UI and will definitely be using your services in future. However I tried to delegate a small amount of SP but then it nearly triples when I go to confirm the transaction.

See the screenshots below, I wanted to delegate 16SP but then am hit by having to delegate 50SP. Can I ask why this is? It's just a bit confusing to me, as it's not clear how much I can delegate and second, the initial % in the market place I assume is based on delegating 16SP, now I have to delegate 50SP so my ROI goes down to 1/3, at least this is how I read it.

Dlease sc1.jpg

Dlease sc3.jpg

Many thanks for your input on this.

Ah ok you must have been delegating to that user already, so you need to amend your delegation to the existing plus extra which is why it is like that. Thanks for the heads up we probably need to put a note there.

OK that makes sense, will check the detail but yes I believe I had delegated some already to this user. It would certainly cause less confusion if you see only the amount you delegate per case. Thanks for your explanation.

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Here is my tweet using the share2steem dApp:

dlease proof bxl.PNG

So it ends up my blog like a resteem too:

And here is my dashboard for the bonus entry - only the top of it since I have so many leases!

dlease proof bxl2.PNG

Followed you on twitter and here too. Love the new site, and thank you for the awesome contest!

Nice thanks for the positive feedback! :)

You are welcome. MY account would not do near as well without you :)

Congrats you have won 500 SP delegation for 4 weeks! Enjoy :)

  ·  last month (edited)

Wow! Thank you so much @thecryptodrive! I knew I had more sp, but I was not sure why!!! You are awesome :)

My entry


Thank you for this opportunity offered to support contents creators on steem blockchain.





Great. I have already followed the official page of @dlease in Twitter.

Here is my tweet.