Come on drone action! Dji mavic 2

in djimavic •  3 months ago 

Oh yeah love this thing. Had offers and didn't get close to my asking price. So...

Flying rocks. Oh yeah about charged up already and rocking. Next is setup and fly! Charge again... Then fly more!

And of course crush this test out.

But so far. Be safe and don't wreck it. Fly in protected areas...

But I need practice today. Definitely flying below the tree and ground surrounding my spot.

Being careful isn't too much fun anyways that's not true. I'm having a blast! It's amazing!

And I was grinning now that the test material isn't that bad. Yes boring but not that hard...

Well that's awesome... Hang on. I'm gonna really smoke this test.

Test high get high scores!

Sweet! Not a single problem today! Just waiting! Lolz

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