DJ Bill (Brasil)

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João Gabriel aka DJ Bill (Jungle Club)

He was born in April of 1985, multi artist, worked with literature, plastic arts, video, performance and music.

Musician, DJ and researcher of phonographic records of music from the 4 corners of the world. It explores Brazilian music, cumbia, afrobeat and dialogues with the music made today. Dancing music, rare grooves, soul and beat.

Founder and collaborator of the Jungle Club, Trøpik Kiłł Λłł and SOUL B.

Discotecou at events at Nelson Bordello, Savassi Jazz Festival, Café Com Letras, Todos Mundo Has Rights (Rio de Janeiro \ RJ), BH Connection, BH Music Station 2016, Crew Hassan (Lisbon / Portugal), Goldkante (Bochum / Festival Eletronika 2017 and Forum Doc 2017.

  • Arena of Culture (Music)

  • Artistic Education Foundation (Music)

  • Soundtrack of the "Vers Versa" typolumographic performance (2013) by Elisa Campos, Comum, Matheus Ferreira at the Semanário de Artes Gráficas.

  • Collaboration in the soundtrack of the feature film "When my father was the moon" (2014) by Daniel Carneiro.

  • Project in Residence (2014) Choco (with dancers from South Korea and Brazil) at Sesc Palladium.

  • Soundtrack of the video "Unconfortable" by Luciano Irrthum no File - Electronic Language International Festival (São Paulo - 2015)

  • Soundtrack of the animation in Stop Motion - Bug (2015) Luciano Irrthum and João Gabriel - Trophy best animation of the Festival International de Filmes Curtíssimos (2015).

  • Opening of the Exhibition LOOK! - Visual Arts Contemporaneous Indigenous (2015) Shed 44.

  • Soundtrack of the play "Mula" by Guilherme Morais (2015) Funarte.

  • Soundtrack of Ana Mundim's "Dreams" (2015) dance performance presented at El Crap in Mollet; in La Visiva,
    in Barcelona and in the Theater of the Theater Institute, in Vic (Spain).

  • Collaboration in the soundtrack of the documentary "Interconexões Poéticas" (2016) by Mariana Castelo Branco.

  • Soundtrack to the animation "The Power of the Word" (2016) Luciano Irrthum.


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