DIY Bug Spray for Man or Beast!!!!

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Homemade Bug Spray

We use non-toxic bug repellant on our animals. Here's the recipe!
32 oz. distilled water
20-30 drops purification EO
20 drops lemongrass EO
20 drops citronella EO

4 oz. distilled water
10 drops purification EO
5 drops lemongrass EO
5 drops citronella EO

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Does the spray have a strong lemongrass smell? We have a bug spray that has a very strong lemongrass smell I am thinking that this is it.


I smell citronella the most...but just depends on how much you put of each

We often can't get close enough to the cows for spraying. So we use managed rotation to break the fly cycle and Jerry Brunetti's Fly Be Gone, a mineral supplement. It serves 3 ways: mineralizes the cows, mineralizes the soil, and keeps bugs away.


I will have to check that out. I've heard of it.

Great recipe! Ill have to get some Purification and try it out!


You will loooove it! I use it for ear infections around my kids ears as well.

howdy from Texas @thefarmerswife..hey ya'll have some spoilt livestock at your place! which is good..I didn't know that anyone sprayed their cattle and goats to keep bugs away. I came from a big cattle operation and we never thought of doing that but perhaps it's a more modern trend. Very helpful information though and very good stuff thank you!


A lot of people use chemical sprays and wormers on their cattle. We try to keep it all naturale here! Pulse we have put up over 150 bird boxes on our property to keep the insect population in check!


bird boxes! like bird houses I assume? wow that's super cool. what kind of birds do they house and how is that working?
thanks for the information @thefarmerswife you guys are great!


Bluebirds and tree swallows. We have hundreds of them! All insect eaters! Around 800 a day per bird. It has worked amazing!


wow you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! never heard of such a thing, I'm gonna try that if'n I ever get livestock again. you guys are rockin it! God bless you all! (except the insects)