We bought a laser engraver

in #diy11 months ago

I been playing with it and am digging it

I have only engraved wood so far with it, but plan to try acrylic and glass soon. We bought a K40 laser and though it won't cut metal it will etch into metal and I plan to try that and Inhave a feeling very thin metal it might cut. We will experiment and see. These were my first two test pieces.



I was showing those off in discord

When I was asked to make ten for Hashkings. I planned on eventually making engraving a side hustle but didn't expect an order so quickly so I played around and made up some for Hashkings.


I plan on using it the engraver in my photo business

I will be able to offer something unique that noone else offers. I plan on doing different mediums of materials and just finish creating my first piece from the photo shoot with my grandbabies I did last fall. I am loving how it has turned out. I need to figure out a few things so I don't screw myself in pricing before I am ready to go and need to do some more practice pieces with different materials for that but I am ready for simple designs on wood and I did good (thankfully quoting Hashkings the price on their pieces) with my first official order. I am excited to experiment more. I think I will be doing some recording in the future too.


This is the original photo I made the engraving from


So what do you think

Let me know in the comments below.



That is cool...I have always liked those, plus I like wood burning look.

Have some fun!

thanks I think it is cool too, gonna pick up some glass and acrylics to play with this week. Am excited to see what I can make with those materials.

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You just keep learning to do more and more things all of the time! You're totally-amazing! I think that Larry's face would make a beautiful engraving. When I finally build my place and want some special artwork to decorate it, I'll be calling on you to do some special art for it -- and, of course, paying you.