Building a Fire Pit Day 1

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Right, so today I began construction on a new fire pit! This project began round an off-the-shelf fire basket, which, honestly, turned out to be about as adequate as those 55-gallon drums that I mentioned in a previous post. Therefore, the new fire pit will be this big:
I know, I know, it doesn't look like much, but all I did was arrange some stones round the old basket. The next few photos show the exact same thing from different angles. The stones have been placed, but that's it. The arrangement isn't remotely circular.
You get the idea.

The first step was to arrange the stones so that the diameter was the same all round. I wound up making it 89 inches, since that was the average measurement to begin with.

Here is what it looked like after moving the basket out, but before doing anything else:

And here it is after turning it into a perfect circle. Not much of a difference, mainly because I managed to drop the stones such that the diameter varied a mere 4 inches total. Not bad for a lazy eyeball measurement!

However, the ring of stones is far from level, so the next few photos show the process of moving stones, piling dirt, and replacing stones. I didn't get the whole thing level today, but perhaps I can finish that tomorrow.
Image № 501 won't display for some reason

There you have it! Tomorrow's post will probably be more of the same, with the possible addition of a second row of stones (cement blocks, let's be honest), or it will be something completely different.

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