DIY Robot Costume Tutorial: Carry Me Illusion Costume

in #diy4 months ago

This video will show you how to make a DIY Robot Costume in the carry me illusion aka piggyback costume style. Chad shows you it is surprisingly easy to make.

Update: Chad won two costume contests with his Robot Costume!

Here are the supplies you'll need to make this DIY Robot costume:

Corrugated Drainage Pipe for the robot arms:

Knife (for cutting cardboard):

Yoga Strap:

Silver Spray Paint:

Aluminum Tape:

Shiny Silver pants:

LED Lights for Eyes:

Batteries for Lights:

A Large Cardboard Box for the Robot Torso and a smaller box for the head

For my Goblin King aka Jareth costume, I bought:

This wig from amazon:

White Shirt with Ruffles:

PrAna insulated vest size xs:

Glass ball for contact juggling:

Gray Knee-High Boots:

Gray leggings by under armour:

Thank you so much for watching :)