DIY Aquaponics Build Log #6 7/11/2019

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This post details the finalizing of the plumbing of the vortex filter section of this aquaponics sysytem.

To ensure maintenance if it becomes necessary to separate the main tank from the cone tank filters in the future I added a 2" pvc pipe union.

I started to primer and glue this assembly together.

Here's the completed assembly after it's been glued together.

Then I glued the section of pvc that connects the two tanks.

Here's that assembly after everything has been glued together.

A syphon was started from a rainwater catchment about 10' above the aquaponics system. An additional 150 gallons was needed to fill the 2 vortex filters and some for a 20 gallon tote to act as a temporary sump.

As the first tank fills to the top it spills over at the top into the second tank.

Here's what that looks like when the tank is full.

Once the 2 tanks were full it spills out into a sump tank then gets pumped back into the main tank.

Here's the view of the filters in action the exiting water dumps into the final sump which is a heavy duty tote in this photo.

Once the water gets pumped back to the main tank the process starts over again siphoning out the solids from the bottom of the main tank via this standpipe.

Thanks for checking out this new update. Off to building a temporary structure so I can install a window unit Air Conditioner in the Surthrival Trailer.

Your's in liberty toward a brighter future,
Greg Doud @makinstuff

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You bet brother, always mcgyvering! here's a sneak peak of the latest one

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