DIY - New Tiny House Update - Our Solar is working

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To our surprise out Solar System at our new Tiny House was working. We were pleasantly surprised. We checked the voltage on each battery and they were all 6 volts and the water level was perfect.

We started to work on our water pump and filtration system. We debated as to where we should put the pump and we decided to mount it to the back of the solar shed. The problem with that is keeping it out of the rain. We used some of the scrap lumber to make a little enclosure in the back. After we framed it up we realized that it will be very hard to get to the back of it so we decided to make it fold out.

The problem was that we ran out of lumber so we could not make the roof for it. We have to go to Ace Hardware tomorrow to pick up some supplies.

We also started to plumb up the water lines. When we looked in the tank we were disappointed to see how low the water level was. We were thinking we had a leak but we had to wait for it to rain to try and find it.

It looked like it was going to rain in the late afternoon but no luck. I started to pour at 7pm and we drove over to check out the catchment. It looked like it was working so we were even more confused as to why there was so little water in the tank. As we were standing in the dark and in the rain the clean out cap popped out due to the pressure of the water. We did not glue everything together yet because we were still designing. We will glue it all up tomorrow.

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are you on the big island?

Yes. On the Big Island of Hawaii.

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