Dull blades on your Electric shaver? Easy sharpening hack

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Guess this one is primarily for the guys... If you have one of these and have used it for a few years, chances are that the blades are dull and it takes longer for you to take that stubble off...

I was looking around to fix the trimmer part of my shaver and stumbled upon a way to sharpen the blades of electric shavers. Well the one I have was pretty dull and I never looked for replacement cutters, it worked, but inefficiently.

Most of these basic shavers have similar designs and come apart easily for cleaning

What you need to get first is 1000 grit wet/dry sandpaper at the hardware store. This is a very fine sandpaper that will be used to take a small amount of metal off of the blades

When looking at the cutters, the small surface at the end of each 'finger' is a blade and over the course of a year(s), the cutting edge degrades.

On a flat surface, wet your sandpaper and place it down on a flat surface like glass or a mirror. LIGHTLY move the cutter in a circular direction for ~20 seconds. You do not need to apply a lot of pressure, let the sandpaper take off a small amount of the surface metal

The next thing you need it a rubbing compound or metal polisher. Regular toothpaste works as a light rubbing compound. Using flat glass or a mirror, work the cutter the same way you did with the sandpaper, this is just a polishing step. (Sorry for the blurry pic, tried to get it to focus close up)

Wash off your cutters and reassemble. I can say that it worked out pretty well as I was using blades well over a year old...


Smart way your shaver blade sharpening hack but I would not need to sharpen one if I had a shave since I have a cats whisker looking that does not grow more than 1/8" in 6 months....in fact, I just been using one hand none electrical shave thing for 1 year to shave 1 a month.

I don't have a ton to shave as well, but just enough to use an electric. You save some bucks for not shaving

Very cool hack, do you have any hacks for disposable razors that continue to cost me a fortune?

If your talking about individual razor blades, I'm sure they can be sharpened. Look into sharpening stones which are usually for knifes, a very fine one will produce a razor edge.
The other disposable ones are locked in blades, the companies that produce them want you to continue to buy them to make money.

Thanks, I will investigate.

nice to see you dear and i like so much your post thanks for sharing..

Nice post. Have an amazing day my friend @glennolua (¯`♥´¯)

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