DIY Kids Plumber Tool Belt

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My son needed a plumber costume but here in Holland it's difficult to find one in a shop especially when it's not Halloween. It is easier to find it online, but they only have Super Mario costume. So why not just being creative with what I have and my sewing skills? I decided to make a plumber tool belt and bought a tool box to make the plumber look complete on him.





As you can see there is enough space to put all his tools inside! At the back I attached velcro to make it easy to open and close for him. He also wanted to have a flashlight because which plumber doesn't have a flashligh, right?


For this plumber tool belt I just used what fabric I had at home. The fabric is quite thin, so I had to double fold it and make it more stiff/hard by ironing "fusible web" in between. Then I cut out double strokes for the hanging loops.


Yep, the tools fit!


I cut out 2 x two equal rectangles for the pockets. I wanted to make more pockets but I realised later that his waist is too small for even more pockets.


Yay! His other tools also fit inside the pockets! Now I just have to attach the pockets to the belt.


I sewed the velcro on the belt and the belt is ready for his performance at school.




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Great and amazing post @fathin-shihab. Awesome tutorial DIY Kids Plumber Tool Belt. I appreciate your work my dear friend. 🤗

Thanks for sharing this post.



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pretty cool and a lovely tool belt for kid looking great :)

good gift for your son..i upvoted your post.thanks

A pity your son isn't 10 years older yet, otherwise I'd offer him a job.


True! But he seems to be ready now :-D

You did it perfectly indeed ;)

He did liked it by the way !

This is a best way to give a pleasant surprise to kids. I will definitely make for my little sister.

Thanks for sharing.

Upvoted & resteemed your post.


Thanks! ow, you can sew? very good! You should make posts about your sewing projects then. :-)


Yeah, I will definitely post it.

Good morning @fathin-shihab, you are very intelligent and creative, you should call yourself fathin-shihab MacGyver.

Good thing, your son can feel proud of you, I want to give this gift.

Happy Sunday :)


Thank you! hahaha MacGyver , I like that! :-D . ``my son is very happy with the plumber tool belt. You too happy Sunday!

Very cute! Senang ya punya skill menjahit, bebas bisa bikin apa aja sesuai custom. Kalo yang dicari ngga ada di toko, ngga perlu susah, bikin aja sendiri...

Plumber man-nya keren dan cakep banget hahaha


Iya, betul. Untung kita bisa jahit ya :-). Terima kasih!

You handy Mama!! What a clever idea and a success!! The tool belt turned out so cute!! Your son is the Cutest btw!!! 😄❤️


Thank you dear :-). How is your pregnancy? (sndbox nomination form isn't ready yet..... i think in the next few days. )


You’re welcome ~ 😊

Thanks for asking, it’s nearing the end . I’m 39 weeks today and I am so ready to meet her! She’s getting pretty heavy and I am pretty wore out lol! I’m hoping she will make her debut sometime this week or early next week :D

Okay sure thanks for letting me know and keeping me updated about it. I’m curing ous to see if they are interested in my content and deem me worthy of acceptance. 🤞🏽


Btw, I resteemed a post of SNDBOX. You can now fill in the form yourself. Apparently I don't need to nominate you. Good luck!


Got it!! Thank you so much!! I just filled it out!! YIKES 😆😆😆 I hope I get accepted!! Thanks again for all your help! 😘


Wow! almost a week and she is ready ;-). I didn't have a pregnancy that lasted longer than 38 weeks. my first one took 37,5 weeks and second 38 weeks, kinda weird hehehe. Maybe massaging your belly will help, or walking a lot may help the delivery to be quicker. Yes, I hope so too! Fingers crossed! ;-)


Yep that sound like mine...I’ve had 38 and 39 week pregnancies...only one a few days over 40 weeks!!

I did some walking yesterday and I have noticed more frequent contractions...fingers crossed!! 😄


Thank you dear :-). How is your pregnancy? (sndbox nomination form isn't ready yet..... i think in the next few days. )

Hey, @fathin-shihab this is a wonderful post..pretty and lovely tool belt for kid looking beautiful.

Nice photos!

Good tool hanger, may be sold in the market. simple work tasks@fahin-shihab