These are our HIGHLIGHTS from 27 February 2019 - 06 March 2019

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Welcome to our weekly report of curated DIY related videos on!

Our main goal is to appreciate the work of creators for their unique educational and inspirational content. We already have sent a little thank you via upvote to all of the here mentioned creators and we hope to see much more content of you all in the future!

We are deeply thankful in the name of all curated creators for the big help of our supporters, curation team members and delegators!

But now let's have a look on our highlights from last week:

@gulia.peitoOrganic Ethno (original music)@tibfox
@inesafreedomAlice in Wonderland - coming out of the closet@tibfox
@freedompointHow-to: Repair a hay ring....Again!@tibfox
@theturtleprojectHypersensitive - The Turtle Project@tibfox
@atomcollectorRadio Evolved 4 Mar 2019@tibfox
@sketch.and.jamClouds of Data (original music)@tibfox
@romafedorovUsing My GoPro As A Studio camera | for talking head videos@tibfox
@coruscateSunset Piano Cover // Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne @tibfox
@jaybirdMusic for Dance - [Dtube Series] - Solo Piano - Centre Adagio @tibfox
@dramamaskMarch Update 2019 | Fibreglass & Molds | Electonics & LEDs | Creative Cakes@tibfox
@exzorltgAFI - Miss Murder | Bass Cover by Exzorltg@tibfox
@marya77🔥exclusively for Dtube🔥- 🎥how to draw with ☕coffee and spoon🎥(little angel)@tibfox
@aloemarket-chComment mettre en pot une jeune plante d'Aloe Vera@tibfox
@geekoverdoseWhy Capitalism SUCKS!!!!@tibfox
@vesislavaTwenty One Pilots - Heathens (Cello Cover by Vesislava)@tibfox
@gaborockstar🎸 Como tocar la canción "En aquel café - Sexagesimo" 🎸 - Class #152 ( Part two ) - ( Music folk Venezuela 🇻🇪 ) - ( Tutorial ) vlog by @gaborockstar@tibfox
@abartfilmsS Dope x YAHE [music video / rap / german]@tibfox
@latinoparanormalHow to play "FATHER AND SON by cat stevens"||como tocar "Father and son de cat stevens"@tibfox
@rpgbuildersArt Tutorial # 2 - How to Draw a Leprechaun @tibfox
@kimstarHow to crochet a heart. An easy way!@tibfox
@clareartistathe couple connecting painting, film@tibfox
@leglerInto Your Heart@tibfox
@vinerDIY Flowers:How to make nylon stocking Flowers-Equinox Flower(Higanbana) Lycorisradiata 彼岸花@tibfox
@thegreensWe are creating tree nurseries with Plastic Bottles | UPB Tree Nurseries | DIY@tibfox
@gulia.peitoImprovisation on Jew's harp@tibfox

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Many thanks for the support !!!!


our are welcome :) if you would like to promote the service as a little bit, you are giving a lot back to us, because we are just as good as the delegators :)

Happy creating!

Congratulations to selected creators.
And, enjoy dtubing .......

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Thanks in the name of all creators mate!
You are also a part of the curation team and you can curate DIY dtubers with #awesomediycontent my friend :)

Happy curating!


Okay @tibfox .... 😉👍

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