These are our HIGHLIGHTS from 06 March 2019 - 13 March 2019

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Welcome to our weekly report of curated DIY related videos on!

Our main goal is to appreciate the work of creators for their unique educational and inspirational content. We already have sent a little thank you via upvote to all of the here mentioned creators and we hope to see much more content of you all in the future!

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But now let's have a look on our highlights from last week:

@felt.buzzThe process of needle-felting a dragon.@enjoycompany
@inesafreedomfeel good now. part 2. intuitive singing@enjoycompany
@projectsupercarI don’t want the chassis to rust on my DIY Supercar: Prototype Ep8@sodom
@gulia.peitoMad rumba (original music)@tibfox
@romafedorovPerfect Overhead Light Setup For Sweet B Roll Product Shots @tibfox
@vesislavaJames Arthur - Say you won't let go (Cello Cover by Vesislava)@tibfox
@edprivatSummertime by Ed Privat@tibfox
@jonygomezSlap bass con notas muertas 💀 @tibfox
@curly-xu❗❕❗ Process😎🖤My DOTWORK🖤😒 "Serious BOY"😤👦 art by @curly-xu@tibfox
@intrepidsurferJust another afternoon snack and it was yummmm!@tibfox
@sturgeonsaxiomSturgeon's Axiom - They (Acoustic)@tibfox
@greencrossQuantum Erase@tibfox
@soufianiDtubeTutorials#6 Lets do a handstand!@tibfox
@ivansnzHow to trade the Steem Engine Market? [Dtube Inspiration]@tibfox
@abartfilmsDEVIANT - dramatic short film / reverse story@tibfox
@broncnutzHow to use your RC (Resource Credits) to Harvest Steem Blockchain Assets!@tibfox
@li-art❤️ Tutorial - DRAWING MR ROOSTER with glasses ! , art by @li-art 🎬❤️ Dtube❤️@tibfox
@li-art❤️ Tutorial - DRAWING kind DOg by pencils , art by @li-art 🎬❤️ Dtube❤️@tibfox
@clareartistaMaking A Futon Bed, 2@tibfox
@good-darmaEkspo Art - Publish our community painting works to the public@tibfox
@adelepazani🎬Tutorial - Drawing - Floating in the air - ink on paper🎬🎨 Adelepazani@tibfox
@knowhow92@DIYTUBE contest entry // Repairing my skate shoe and testing it at the local skatepark@tibfox

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Dear @diytube, thanks a lot for the support!!!)

Yey! Thank you so much for the mention, @diytube - looking forward to connecting with more beautiful folks who love working with their hands!

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Dissecting poor people's homes, including the #diytube tag category

Thank you my friends! :)

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Thanks for the mention. :)

Greetings and thank you for your support and for sharing my post! Have a beautiful day! 🙏🌳

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So many videos to watch :)
Great list

that posts looks crazy :D we need to fix that for sure ^^

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