- DIY - HIGHLIGHTS from 16 February 2020 - 23 February 2020

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WednesdayDo it yourself

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- diy: cooking -

@mcfsKorma Biryani Recipe | Korma Biryani In Easy Steps | ZOOBIA FAROOQ@hafizullah
@mcfsShakarkandi Recipe | How to make Steam shakarkandi | ZOOBIA FAROOQ@hafizullah
@old-guy-photosHow To Make Chinese Fried Dumplings - Potstickers@hafizullah
@mcfsDum Biryani Chicken | Dum Biryani Restaurant | ZOOBIA FAROOQ@hafizullah

- diy: crafting -

@freedompointThe "Treat Yo Self" knife build: shaping the handle@tibfox
@davixesk8Creating a base to put my phone and be able to record my skate videos - Great idea? - LEGOS.@tibfox

- diy: homesteading -

@bowentroyer2 Minutes with the Farmer: Recycling Barn Wood!!!@hafizullah

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