📷 Photos of a Lionfish, taken during a night dive in the Maldives!

in diving •  10 months ago

Hi diving interested people & dear blog readers,

today I want to show you four underwater photos I have taken of a Lionfish during a night dive in the Vilamendhoo Island house reef!

On this day I have asked my diving buddies of the past days if they want to dive together with me in the night without a guide in the house reef of the Vilamendhoo Island Resort. In the evening we had a group of four people for our night dive in the house reef and we did it. Diving in the night is very spectacular and a real adventure, because you can´t see anything, except the spots where you are flash with the underwater torch! 😬

Especially in the night, lionfishes are very active and you can see them swimming around for hunting very often. Because it is so dark, you have to take care a lot not to touch a lionfish, or to swim against a lionfish. They have many stings around their body and they are very poisened...

Here are my four photos I have taken of a lionfish in the night:





The quality is not perfect because it was in the night, but we tried to make as many light as we can with our torches and for the bad photography conditions in the night underwater, the photos are really great.

You have to know that I have taken them only with a waterproof action cam, without camera flashlight.

Stay tuned for more great diving content and Steem On everyone!

Best regards from Berlin and hear you in my next article!

Jonas Ahrens @future24

Jonas Ahrens

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Your journey under water looks great - I would like also to get into this dark and mysterious world


Thank you for your feedback @bandm2016!

Nice photography

Nice picture brother
I advise you to come to sabag if you have time


Thanks for your visit and feedback @visky!


thats underwater photo....thanks for sharing this.........
i have inerest about it like you...
continue it

wow!great photography..i like this animals..thanks for sharing this post..

nice animalphotography.i apricate for this.please procced...

Thats a nice lionfish, followed. :)


Thank you for the feedback @rittens!

  • followed too

although the image quality is not very good but the work is amazing, you do it yourself ?, l love under water


Yes I have taken the photos by myself during a diving trip in the Maldives and I love the underwater world too, thanks for your feedback @mrday!

King lion fish hahaha... I like this fish so cool name 😁😁😁


Haha yes, Lionfishes are really cool! 😁

dear please sell 6 voted please

The in-depth photography of the water is excellent. What camera have you used


Hi @kaysar07, thanks for your feedback! I used this waterproof action cam here, the Sainlogic Action Cam with WIFI: http://amzn.to/2yYqtqO

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Great photos again Jonas especially given the conditions they were taken in. Not to mention needing to keep away from their spines!

Was this a holiday you took in the Maldives or did you live there for a while?


Thank you @gillianpearce! Yes I was there in holidays for 2 weeks in October 2017.

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is it warm water ? its too cold here

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Spectacular pictures. Magic color of corals and orange fish.
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Hey @future24
Its very nice and sharing beautiful picture of night dive in the Maldives. Awesome blog . Stay blessed

These are awesome! I've got to do that!