🎥 New diving video: A Sand Shark relaxing in a depth of 30 meters!

in diving •  8 months ago


Hi blog readers, I have uploaded a new scuba diving video on my YouTube channel where I have spotted a Shark in a depth of around 30 meters. I think it´s a so called Sand Shark and I have seen this nice animal during a dive in the Maldives (South Ari Atoll) in October 2017.

Here you can watch my natural diving video directly:

Best regards from Berlin and hear you in my next article!

Jonas Ahrens @future24

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That is really an amazing experience! Under the sea is another world and you are so lucky to see that beautiful sand shark. Hugs from Spain. Upvoted and followed.

congratulations for your love for diving dear friend @ future24
the videos are hallucinates
thank you very much for sharing this wonderful videos


You are always welcome @jlufer and greetings from Berlin! ✌

wow the water is so clear there i. my first scuba dive ever on the Gillis islands in Indonesia i came about 2 meters away from a 5 ft blacktip shark and it wasm exhilarating feeling i think i was more scared of the triggerfish though the instructer had told me he had been attacked twice allready in this breeding season

I think it's just a whitetip reefshark resting. Seen a lot of them laying in the sand while diving at the Maldives. You see a close up of one in my Maldives compilation at 7:02

Hello friend, I am new to your blog, I like your publications a lot since I am a lover of the sea and I like to watch videos like this, from now on I will be aware of each publication you do to appreciate more. Your post is very interesting I will follow you friend



sound interesting

Please tell me, is that a little shark? If so, when she grows up, is she dangerous to humans ?


Hi @naditinkoff, yes this shark is not so big and sharks are not dangerous for humans if you respect them anyways. 👌

Wow, that’s cool! I hope it isn’t dangerous 😬


Haha no, just like other sharks, respect them and they will respect you. 👌


Fair enough!

Asombroso contenido amigo.. saludos

Nice work bro. Please upvote and follback my steem brother... Thanks

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did you try to get closer later?
I mean i have been swimming with 2.5 meter sharks and they came up to me by them self's so i did have to swim to them. great clip! was that scuba diving? looked like freediving you know!