📷 Fascinating underwater photos of Manta Rays, attacked by Sharks!

in diving •  10 months ago

Hi diving interested people & blog readers, today I have taken the time to sort out all underwater photos of the beautiful big Manta Rays, with which I dived together in the Maldives at a special spot where many Mantas are meeting at a cleaner station to restore health.

As I have already told in one of my past articles, I have collected all in all over 40 GB of amazing photo- & video-material during my diving holidays in the Maldives in October 2017 and I used different SD cards...

So it has taken a while to sort out only the Manta photos, but it was important for me to get an overview, so that I will not share the same photos multiple times accidentally for example and now I know that I have really taken 253 photos of the amazing huge Manta Rays in 4 dives + many videos!!!

This is really awesome, because these dives are one of the most spectacular adventure experiences in my life and that´s why Im very happy to have so many awesome photo + video impressions!

Today I want to show you this four underwater photos of Manta Rays who were attacked by sharks as you can see on the fins:





Information: Manta Rays are attacked by sharks very often, but they can be very very fast if they want and that´s why the most shark attacks are not deadly for them. The bite wounds are healing completely with the time too and cleaner fishes at the so called "cleaning stations" are helping the Mantas a lot with the healing process of the fins.

A marine biologist, specialized on Manta Rays, was on our diving boat too and showed us interesting photos of Manta Rays with shark attack wounds, which healed completely within a few years.


This animals are really friendly, interesting and there is a lot you can learn about them, even maybe many information which we don´t know so far. Just fascinating!


If you haven´t watched them so far, here you can find my first three underwater videos, which I have recorded during my dives with the big Manta Rays:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Best regards from Berlin and hear you in my next article!

Jonas Ahrens @future24

Jonas Ahrens

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Thanks so much for sharing @future24 I am a quadriplegic and cannot get out to do these things, so thanks for bringing the underwater world to my PC. :)


Thank you really much for your feedback too @robpyne - I love to inspire people to learn more about the underwater world, because there is still so much we don´t know!

Wow! Die Bilder sind echt immer wieder beeindruckend!


Danke @joyandhappiness, freut mich dass sie euch auch gefallen!

Nice picture and wonderfull Manta. They have counted around 5000 specimen at Maldives !! I work on a Manta project at Mayotte, you would like to get more information here: http://www.atoll-mayotte.org This is the website of the association.


Hi @marc-allaria, thanks for your feedback and yes the biodiversity around the Maldives is really fascinating! Ok I have take a look at the website and I have to translate it with Chrome, looks interesting. 👌 Greetings from germany! Jonas

Very cool! I'd love to do that one day!


Thank you very much for your visit and your feedback @papa-pepper!
Greetings from Berlin. Jonas

Great post and amazing photos, it must be really special to go diving with manta rays.
Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for your visit & feedback @makrotheblack!

Just wow! I love scuba diving but it's been so long! Time to go on a holiday I would say hehe!

Great story. Particularly struck by the contrast with the view from the plane. So to speak, like heaven and earth :)

Великолепный рассказ. Особенно поразил контраст с видом из самолета. Так сказать, как небо и земля:)


Great feedback, thank you @cranium!

The manta rays photos and vids are my favourite. Stunning animals and at the same time I have a lot of respect for them (especially after the Steve Irwin deal...that just showed us he should have stayed in the Bush with his snakes and crocs...). Great post @future24


Hi @misslasvegas, thanks for your feedback!

No this are not the animals which killed Steve @misslasvegas! xD

This are Manta Rays, not Sting Rays and Mantas are the most friendly animals ever!!! They can´t do you anything and they don´t have a poisened sting.

This here is a Sting Ray on which you shouldn´t walk, because they have a poisened sting:


And this here is a beautiful eagle ray, another kind of sting ray, which could sting you when walking on it too, but as you can see in my video, even they are not aggressive:


yeah, I think the stingray that got him was quite huge too. I was just reminded of that by these. Still: he had no business being in the water as a bush man ;)


Yes, this was a big one too, but not as huge as Manta Rays. Mantas are the most biggest kind of Rays, but also the friendliest Rays too. They are just awesome!!! 😯

Let me just say wow 😮 amazing time


Thank you very much @margaretwise!

Wow, so cool! Manta rays are so graceful when they swim. Where abouts in the Maldives was that?


Hi @bluebottlefilms, thanks for the feedback! Oh yes, they are really very graceful and it´s a unique feeling to dive so close together with them. Yes it was in the Maldives, South Ari Atoll.

Great shots and a very informative post too!

Thanks for the education and entertaining photography. Namaste :)


Thank you very much for the visit on my blog and your nice feedback @eric-boucher!

A very fun holiday @, I also like to dive, but not where there is a shark because I am very afraid of this animal.


Thanks @agusscout and yes it was really awesome! Ah, even sharks are not dangerous for us humans and I love to swim & dive with them too. :-)

In this video here on my youtube channel Im swimming with baby sharks for example:

Marine biology is really interesting . I wonder how life looks like 1000feet below the water surface. Fascinating!


Oh yes, the marine life is very interesting and there are so many creatures we haven´t explored so far, really fascinating. Thanks for your feedback @gailbelga!


You are welcome dear. I just wonder how big those underwater creatures could get. This idea gives shivers to my spine. Yey.

I already vote you go, please vote have for me back to brother.

That looks cool. And at the same time looks super scary. I think i wpuld have an heart attack. But it must have been an amazing experience. ❤


Thank you for the feedback @sergiomendes and yes, it was really an amazing experience!


Always a pleasure ❤

breath taking pics!


Damn I am so attracted by the whole shark tank idea!
Thanks for sharing!

Amazing dear..Thanks a lot for sharing itr


Thanks for the feedback @rohit12123!

wow nice view


Thanks for the feedback @iqbaliq!

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Truly epic pictures @future24! Thanks for sharing m8. I'm getting closer to my Manta trip day by day. Soon, I shall be away to (I hope) to kneel on the coral carpet and stare up into the blue at the Manta sailing overhead.

To put that more simply, I am saving up for a trip to the Maldives 😉

Great photos, I once stepped on a manta ray in the sand in the Persian Gulf.... boy are they big....and they certainly can move fast!... UPVOTED

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