Deep diving on its finest...69 meters Airplane from the WWII

in #diving4 years ago


Once we are not so busy we arranged a little Diven trip for our team to the most famous wreck on island vis the. The airplane and Flying Fortress B-17 at 70m of depth.

We went 4 of us and all went pretty well down there. Even with a for us bad visibility of approximately 10-15 m max it was fun to decent the 70 meters on the rope and see finally the plane getting bigger and bigger. Once my buddy check me down there I was already to busy to reply and just focused on the cockpit and was blown away! On a good level of drunk ness ( nitrogen narcosis) we had around 9 minutes bottom time before we started our accent. We had a few deco stops to breath out all the nitrogen ofc. So we had to make a stop on 30 m for 1 minute, on 20 for 1 minute, on 6 for 6 minutes and finally on 3 meters for 33 minutes. We had 100% O2 with us to shorten the decompression time but once i had already 2 morning dives to 20 and 30 m i wanted to play it safe and stayed a little longer then my computer actually showed.

was great to dive there again on an airplane from the WWII which is in almost perfect shape !


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