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Whilst the debate goes forward on the equity of commerce, and will not be closed for a century or two, New and Old England may keep shop. Law of copyright and international copyright is to be discussed and in the interim, we will sell our books for the most we can.

From Experience, Essays Second Series, Ralph Waldo Emerson

Expediency of literature, reason of literature, lawfulness of writing down a thought, is questioned; much is to say on both sides, and, while the fight waxes hot, thou, dearest scholar, stick to thy foolish task, add a line every hour, and between whiles add a line.

Working on my eighth (!) novel for NaNoWriMo. This is my inspiration.

Right to hold land, right of property, is disputed, and the conventions convene, and before the vote is taken, dig away in your garden, and spend your earnings as a waif or godsend to all serene and beautiful purposes.


Life itself is a bubble and a scepticism, and a sleep within a sleep. Grant it, and as much more as they will, - but thou, God's darling! heed thy private dream: thou wilt not be missed in the scorning and scepticism: there are enough of them; stay there in thy closet, and toil, until the rest are agreed what to do about it.

Do the work. Spend your time working on your goal. Do your best not to get distracted. "Heed thy private dream!"

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