The truth of disease: why does your mind create disease and cure it?

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Everything in this world is formed by energy, whether stone, wood, tables and chairs, you, me, including our eyes, ears and nose are formed by energy.

Your thoughts make you you

One of the greatest discoveries in modern physics is that " matter is energy".

This is Einstein's greatest contribution to mankind. He revealed to us that matter is only a form of energy.

What we see with the naked eye is not the real existence, what we cannot see with the naked eye is the real existence.

To be more explicit, we can see that houses, walls and bodies are not real. They are pure energy. As electrons move so fast that our naked eyes cannot see them, we think they are an entity.

Physicists have studied for 300 years to find out the essence of matter. The deeper they explore, the more puzzled they become. They can hardly believe that there is nothing in matter. The essence of matter is not matter but energy.

Your body looks as if it is made up of solid matter, which can be broken down into molecules and atoms.

However, according to quantum physics, 99.9999% of the interior of each atom is empty. Subatoms shuttling through these spaces at lightning speed are actually beams of vibrational energy.

These energies are not randomly vibrated. Vibration is actually carrying information. The entire information field will transmit the information to the cosmic quantum field to create the reality we see in the material world.

Eddington, the great scientist, said:

We always think that matter is something, but now it is not something; Now, matter is more like an idea than something.
Matter comes from thoughts, not from our thoughts. If it weren't for the idea of an airplane first, science and technology could not have created an airplane. If you hadn't thought of writing this book first, it wouldn't have appeared in front of your eyes.

If you analyze a painting, you will find that it is made up of canvas and some pigments. However, the reason why a painting becomes beautiful is not from the combination of canvas and pigments, but from the painter's thoughts.

Without that idea, there would have been no painting.

Burning a cube of sugar on gas will only produce firelight, heat and greasy carbon. However, if you eat it into your stomach, you can create many things. Why?

It is thought that turns the energy provided by sugar into Van Gogh's famous paintings, Taipei's 101 building, Chopin's Polish Dance and Milton's narrative poem Paradise Lost. These are all the results of thought.

Thought creates matter. Writing also comes from thought and an idea. As to what influence it has on you, it depends on your thought.

Everything you see in your life comes from your thoughts and the results of your thoughts.

Your body, bones and muscles can be reduced to 70% water and chemicals of little value.

However, your thoughts make you you!

You can create and cure diseases.

Each of our thoughts and thoughts is loaded with incredible energy, which will practice itself through various forms.

Your thoughts can create and cure diseases. Your thoughts can make you suffer, and can also make you feel happy.

Ideas create good and evil, beauty and ugliness, success and failure, wealth and poverty, heaven and hell ...

All kinds of your life experiences are created by your thoughts. The so-called " one mind, one world."

We are the creators of our own destinies, and what we see outside is the manifestation of our inner world.

Milton, an English poet, has a famous saying in Paradise Lost: " The heart is in its place, only in one thought. Heaven to hell, hell to heaven. " Don't underestimate a small thought. Any of your thoughts can change the whole world.

Modern physicists say there is huge energy in tiny atoms. Atoms are so small that even a microscope cannot see them. It is only a deduction, but it has changed the whole world. Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan were destroyed by atomic energy.

Just as atomic energy has such huge energy, so does your mental energy. Similar energy will attract similar energy and form similar " energy clusters".

When these similar " clusters" move back and forth, touch each other in the universe, and slowly gather together, matter is formed and our world is formed. This is the principle of thought forming matter.

Every thought, even a small one, will become one thing. And everything is just an idea at the beginning and only comes from a small idea.

Don't do it because the evil is small, don't do it because the good is small.

Don't neglect your evil thoughts and say: " I'm just bored, I'm just talking, I think it doesn't matter." Even a trivial spark may burn the whole forest.

Don't underestimate your kindness and say, " It's just a small matter, nothing." Even small drops of water can eventually fill the whole big pool.

People do good and do evil in one mind, getting better and getting worse is actually a small thought.

Don't ignore minor evils. No matter how small the spark is, it will burn the haystack as high as a mountain. Don't ignore the small good, think they are useless; Even small drops of water can eventually fill a large container.

As the Fa Ju Jing said:

" Don't light small good, think there is no blessing, water droplets are small, gradually full of big things, small good does not accumulate, cannot become holy. Don't treat small evils lightly. You think that you are innocent. The accumulation of small evils is enough to destroy yourself. "
Life is made up of small things. There are no big things, but small things add up to big things. A single little kindness may seem trivial, but that thought alone is a great blessing.

Thought has energy, and language is a sound thought, so language has a strong vibration wave.

When we say some inauspicious and unlucky words, we often hear people say, " shut up your crow mouth!"

Because when the negative energy language comes out, you are already sending out a vibration wave. More clearly, you are attracting events on the same channel. That is why the crow mouth is especially effective.

Especially when angry and resentful, those words have very strong energy, and through negative vibration waves, the results are often unexpected.

You must have heard that some people said some heavy things because of anger, and then serious consequences really happened.

This kind of thing is not uncommon in the emergency room of the hospital, for example, the husband and wife quarrel, and then the wife angrily scolds the husband, " you die!" As a result, Mr. Wang really died.

In a huff, the father shouted at the child, " If you are capable, you will never come back!" As a result, the child really never went back because of an accident.

Some people may ask, " I'm just saying it, but it's not true. what does it matter?"

What would you do if someone told you that your recent physical abnormalities are very much like cancer? Maybe he is just saying it, but does it really have nothing to do with you?

Let's look at the real story of Lao Wu.

Over the past few weeks, Lao Wu felt chest discomfort, cough, and a little difficulty breathing. His medication did not change much. He was admitted to a large hospital for examination. Results It was diagnosed as a rapidly developing malignant tumor, and doctors predicted that he had only one or two months to live.

This sad, terrible and unacceptable bad news shocked Lao Wu and his family. Two days after getting cancer, Lao Wu began to deteriorate. He felt very weak and lost weight rapidly. He couldn't get out of bed at first, and his family thought he was lucky to be able to spend this week.

I didn't expect a phone call from the hospital. An apologetic voice told Lao Wu's wife that Lao Wu had never got cancer! The embarrassed voice explained that the hospital report was mixed up.

After learning the truth, Lao Wu immediately left the bed within 24 hours. His appetite recovered, the pain disappeared, and he moved freely. His weakness disappeared completely, leaving only the first symptoms: cough and dyspnea.

The truth of disease: why does your mind create disease and cure it?
Ideas permeate our lives.

Emerson, an American thinker and writer, once said: " if you use a knife to dissect key words, it will bleed." It shows that language is alive and has the ability to create and destroy.

The poet Maya Angelou also talked about the power of words. She said that words are like small energy bullets, which enter into life fields that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Although we can't see words, they become an energy that fills the room, family, environment and our hearts. She believes that the words around her will permeate our lives.

Language is to make a sound, which, at least a few hundred to several thousand sentences a day, will unconsciously affect one's mood, state of mind and fate.

Some people like to swear at others or speak ill of others behind their backs, but he did not expect that all he heard was himself. Swearing sounds are like magic sounds, and those who hear the most hurt the most.

When it becomes a habit to speak evil words, they are listened to and instilled through one's own ears day and night. Over time, this language becomes the seed of one's heart and will sooner or later create the fruits of evil luck for oneself.

Therefore, we should be kind in everything we say, and not too heavy on the wording. The words we use when we talk directly and clearly affect our thoughts and emotions. The center of emotion handling is the right brain and the language center is the left brain.
The truth of disease.jpg
When the right brain recognizes a negative emotion, it will pass over and transfer to the language center and speak the corresponding words. Similarly, when our left brain receives negative words, it will also spread to our right brain, reflecting the corresponding emotions.

Therefore, it is quite important that you choose what words to use to express it.

For example, if someone annoys you, you can replace " anger" or " anger" with " perplexity" or " regret". Think about it, when you change the word " regret" to " regret", will you still be furious?

There is a saying: a good word is warm in three winters, and a bad word is frost in September.

The words seem simple, but the influence is quite profound. Each of us is a magician, who can spell others with words or help others with spells.

More importantly, every spell you cast will eventually return to yourself, because the spell originates from you, and you are the center of the whole vibration wave, aren't you?

Every thought is like a seed, in which you cannot see a big tree.

However, as long as you plant the seeds and water them continuously, the seeds will naturally attract what they need to come around and grow and thrive.

The law of cause and effect is the law of seed, " sow the melon and reap the bean". The seed decides everything. The power of the seed is incredible.

Look at the future from the seeds, not from the phenomena. Do you want to know the future of yourself, your children, your family and your company? Just look at your own seeds, the seeds of your children, the seeds of your family, the seeds of your company.

Ideas are seeds, and countless thoughts form themselves. Our hearts are constantly producing different seeds all the time. When the conditions are ripe, the seeds will naturally germinate, grow and bear fruit.

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