You have 36 hours to live, what do you do?

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You have 36 hours left to live, what do you do?

Have you ever given my thought to this question?

Give it some thought, then ask yourself

What do you need to do to be able to do this today?

Life is short, and you never know how much you paid for. What would it take to do what you dream of? Do you know how to get there if you wanted to?

Give it some serious thought, and answer below.

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Serious though. Give it some thought.

I'd help my wife as much as I could. Make sure she is set up for when I'm gone (pretty much already is). And just chill at home with her and the kids. Then in the last hour, I would jump into a pit filled with spears to prove I control my own destiny. I'm dead serious.

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Also, I would death curse someone. Would have to think about who though.

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omg i need to death curse someone too! adding that to my to do list!

There is a whole range of things for people to consider; it'll depend on what that person consider most important to them-
1- Love - Spend that time with your wife, your children, your parents. .. Try for a last blowout date with that person you've been chasing...Throw a party for all your ex's
2- Adventure - Now is the time for skydiving or stock car racing. What's the worst that can happen? You get killed..."well damn, scratch 4 hours" ;>
3- Nostalgia - Spending your last hours in a place like Disneyland, or down by the old creek fishing...reliving some of the best times of your life
4- Boots on, Guns Blazing - Not literally, of course. But if there is a GOAL you have staked your life to accomplishing, now would be the time to take the high risk, high reward option. Worst case scenario? You're not around to hear criticism of failure the week after.

Let me see- 36 divided by 4 is you've got 9 hours per option, not counting sleep

Plus, you can combine options
Have a party at Disneyland for your loved ones, followed by livestreaming your HALO jump from 10,000 feet, during which you explain your Miracle Cure for All the World's Problems

36 hours left you don’t need sleep!

You do when you like to end it dreaming

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sleeping is a pleasure, too


add item #5 - Enjoy New brands of Coffee


keeping a reserve has more than a military usage ;>

My only thoughts go straight to my two boys.
I would spend it with them and impart all the wisdom I possibly could to them in order to make sure they don't turn into slack jawed jack bags once i'm gone.

i just went to my mother and ask her please talk to me continuously and i will ask her to sit on bed or chair and i will sit down and she put hand on my head. and my head on his knees.

Everyone must already know right, I mean I have often thought this and my honest answer is that I would go try every illegal drug that plagues the streets to see mainly what all the fuss was about in the first place and go out on a huge overdose, a 36hour bender!

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eat a whole lot of chocolate while breastfeeding the hell out of my child on a beach.

should probably write him a letter as well to let him know how much i love him and all that but i suck at writing my feelings so... yeah eat chocolate at a beach with my son enjoy him every second that i can that is what i would do not doubt about it

You have 36 hours left to live, what do you do?

  • I'd definitely eat loads of KFC.
  • I'd drink lots of strawberry milkshake and also Pepsi (full fat stuff instead of Pepsi MAX).
  • Play with my pets and give them treats and things.
  • Have a pack of 5 cigarillos (I miss those)

Have you ever given any thought to this question?

Nope not until now, I don't really like to think about death, just take each day at a time.

What do you need to do to be able to do this today?

Nothing special, it's all easily accessible.