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Comment Chain Contest; 10SBD Bounty Giveaway.

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Ive been wanting to the do that, but when i consider at the low value, it discourages me alot. I chose to believe that the future is bright here in steemit.

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Steemit will rise again !!!
Some steemians that are on steemit all in the name of making money Will be SERIOULY discourage BUT those that are out for impact and sharing of ideas will remain consistency no matter what.
Therefore remain #STEEMINGING......

There should be no form of discouragement. Steem has potential, and those who invest at this point will not regret in the future.
When steem was close to a dollar, investors utilized the opportunity to buy as much steem as they could. Now they are happy they did so.

Dont be soo sure man,crypto space is crazy....yes someone who bought at 1$ is still in profit but what of those who bought at 8$?

It is indeed volatile and unpredictable. To be successful in this platform, every steemian should not think of the earnings as a motivation to do more but the learnings should be of importance. Earnings are just extra rewards but shouldnt be the driving force to keep moving.

You are right, one must not rely fully on steemit to solve his financial crisis, steemit is a platform where originality and creativity are highly valued, no pain no gain.

Some people will post and go to sleep expecting angels to up vote them, they don't know commenting is one of the way in making it on steemit.

Of course commenting is on of the way forward to succeed here, but some people give ill comments on post which is very wrong

Wow, thank you @ceepee, did not even think my idea will work. Actually saw it somewhere and thought to suggest it. Thanks for the sbd, I am very happy. 2sbd is a lot to give in times like this with low payout.

As for discussion topic; I must confess it is kinna hard for me. Though I am not very regular with posting, but the payout is not encouraging. Wish we had more support from whales. Not withstanding, I still enjoy posting, payout or not.

Yea, support is needed from all, not only whales. remember a steemit minnow might be a bitcoin whale. Thanks @ceepee for this contest.

The future is bright. With all of the nice people like @ceepee there will be so many happy ending. I also think that the low value is temporary for the amazing future.

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