The "Red Giant" reveals hidden pre-solar deaths

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n the distant future, the sun expands to the size of its size, and as a result, every living space on our planet will die.

Scientists have observed the "twin" of our sun at an advanced age, providing a horrific vision for the future of the star in the center of our solar system. Scientists have seen the surface of a red giant star 320 light years away.

The star is known as "W Hydrae" and is located in the "constellation of the brave" or as known as "Hydra", and its mass is the same mass of the sun.

Scientists have discovered that the giant star's diameter is twice as large as the earth's orbit around the sun. The observatory observes that the star's atmosphere is affected by strong and unexpected shock waves, bringing the atmosphere to temperatures higher than predicted. The current theoretical models of the "close giant", a phase of the evolution of the asteroid AGB.

Scientists have captured the most visible images of the red giant, "W Hydrae," revealing the details of its surface for the first time, reflecting the image of the stars when they evolve as they expand and become cooler and more likely to reduce their mass in the form of star winds.

According to the research team, there are surprising processes taking place on the surface, where there is a layer of hot gas in an area known as chromosphere or chromatography.

The researchers hope the Alma Observatory can better understand what is going on in the W Hydrae star, which will shed light on the future of the sun.

Source: Daily Mail

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