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Pay It Forward Contests Discord Channel

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Wanted to share the details of our discord channel and some of the things we are doing in there. This will serve as a permanent post that everyone can link to providing some details. If major changes happen in the future a new post will be written.

What is discord and why do I need it?

Thinking back to when I started on steemit there were people saying go on discord for this or that. Each time I ignored them and kept trying to plug away wondering why I wasn't having success. I'd leave engaging comments and get a response, then I'd reply and nothing....why did they stop talking? Well because for the most part steemit has a very short memory and attention span. People write their post, reply to comments for a day or two and then are onto their next posts. They don't expect to conversate with people in the comments.

This is where discord comes into play. Discord allows users to set up channels like PIFC's discord channel in which they can then set up different rooms and have a general chat area. These rooms allow like minded people to get together and meet each other building up a little community of people who then help each other grow here on steemit. Discord allows has a private message feature where you are able to message people directly and this allows people to hold a conversation and not clutter up posts on steemit and be able to talk more freely.

Pay It Forward Contests Discord Channel

Here is the link to the room:

The channel is designed to allow Pay It Forward minded people to come and join our community. This room is not for you to spam your links for airdrops, posts, or anything else. We do have a channel for post promotion, but you must first upvote and comment on 2 other posts listed in the room before leaving your link. The idea is Give First and Then Receive.

Those that come in and don't bother to follow the rules are quickly removed from the room. We don't want drama and have no need for those that want to take without giving. This helps keep the room a useful resource and a fairly safe space for our members.

In the Channel you will also find rooms that link to many resources like contests including ones not run by @pifc like Finish the Story by @bananafish, informational posts, services like @dustsweeper, Engagement League run by @abh12345, Power Up League by @paulag, and so much more.

We know that @pifc will never be able to support and help onboard all new comers to steemit, but we can help try and provide as many resources as possible to show people where to go to get the support they need. Over time the discord channel will only grow.

$$$ What does this all cost? $$$

That is one of the best parts of discord. You can run everything for free and our channels (as are most) is completely free. It's free because the efforts of the group help keep things running smoothly, but most importantly @wolfhart runs the discord room and dedicates a ton of time to making sure that rules are followed and new resources are found.

Support to @pifc

Now if you would like to help support @pifc and all we do set us on an autovote, buy us @steembasicincome shares or @upvoteshares or @minnowshares, or straight donate Steem or SBD to our wallet. All of these are great ways to help us grow into a stronger force to help lower the turnover rate and grow a middle class on steemit.

Post was written by @thedarkhorse

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Very informative post, I also like you resisted discord at first, but then I was assimilated, Now, every now and then I need to go on a discord house cleaning and shifting, depending on which rooms I frequent most, raise some up on the left, lower some on the left, and remove a few on occasion.


Very much the same way. Actually Just dropped a few that I just never go too anymore and just don't need cluttering things up. Now I put it on my phone I'm even more selective as I don't want extra notifications there.

I have been making an effort to hit the Discord more often. I guess that isn't much good if I don't actually type something :D
It really does pay off though, that is where I learned of a recent curie for one of the members.


Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

Nice informative post. I've resteemed it. This contest is growing fast! Good work, everyone! 🤗


Thank you!