"Physical Disability defeated by those Heroes"@@Part#01

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We shall over come, we shall over come someday, Oh.. deep in my heart, i do believe that, we shall overcome someday.

In our childhood we songs this song many times, This time we just memorized it, most of time we just inspired by this songs. At time of our teen age when we are able to understand the real meaning of this song, in this time we are not use to sing for getting inspiration because we are normal, there have a lot of support for us, there was many person for inspiring us. But those child who are physically disable by born, this songs always great inspiration for them. Most of them are very neglected by their family and people of society. They just lead their life with the help of others, they are so dependable, so that every one always try to ignore them. If someone from rich family, they get full support from their family, but if any physically disable person belongs from any poor family, we found them in street as a beggar.

But there are some very special cases, being physically disable there have a lot of success history in our society, here i'm going to talking about very special one he is a great reparations for my life, he just overcome every obstacle of his life with a huge self confidence.

His name is Md. Mubasher Ali, his was my father's colleague, i was to love to hear his survival life, and i was always inspired by him all the time. He was blind by born and also belongs from poor family. They were 2 brother and one sister. He was the eldest. when he was 8 years old for the first time he was send to blind school for education in Gaibandha ( A district of Bangladesh). He was very self confident and enthusiast, He just always think about his family, because he is the eldest, he have to support his family by hook by crook. after Passing Secondary school certificate, he lost his father, in this time everyone told him to do something for his family, but what he will do for his family, who will give him work, only begging is the suitable profession for him, but after published his S.S.C result, he got a lot of metal support from his family and relatives to continue his study, from then he never stopped he complete his graduation from social science in Jahangir nagor University, in Bangladesh.

Now he is a government service holder, worked as field officer in Department of social services, Sundarganj, Gaibandha. You will surprised if you see him, he is very talent person, in his daily life how to he manage his work just unbelievable, He is more expert than normal people, he can operate computer better than anyone. He just make me always surprised. I just respect him a lot.

Successful physically disable person are always model for any society, we should respect them, if we are able to change our mind, every physically disable person will able to do something for their livelihood, for support themself.

We don't want to see any physically disable person as a beggar.

Thank you for reading my post, stay blessed.

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