The New Wave Of Dimecoin Shuts Down All Records

in dimecoin •  11 months ago

I am very excited about this money, wonderful things happened. Four months ago, I said that Dimecoin was my favorite, that it was the only 100% decentralized currency that a small group of developers and enthusiasts believed. Developers made a new website themselves, new update details were launched by Dimecoin in early this month. You can see all the details on the forum

See my prediction four months ago

Predictions for the next month are very good, the assumed value is 1000% higher than the current one. I believe that the minimum value of Dimecoin will be 500% higher compared to Bitcoin. If you invest 0.1 Bitcoin in Dimecoin, this means that you will have 0.5 to 1 BTC within a month. I see the great potential of Dimecoin, now is the last time to invest in a real price, it may be too late in a few days. I currently have over 160 Bitcoin equivalents in Dimecoin, soon I want to invest in Steem Power and some more favorites for 2018, I will notify you in my posts.

Success is needed knowledge, courage and real information. I never feared, I fell many times in my life, but I never gave up on my goal. Today I was with my friend who has a brokerage firm, I got some very interesting information about Bitcoin. Bitcoin enters mid-February on classic stock exchanges, is now going through the NASDAQ procedure, which only means that they deliberately downgraded Bitcoin's value on the stock exchange to buy it cheaper. It's now cheaper and the best time to invest, by the end of April 1 Bitcoin will have a minimum value of $ 40,000. Also, Steem after launching a new token will get great value, I believe that by the end of 2018 it will be at least $ 100.

Believe in yourself @dobartim

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Did this coin because of your great information earlier. Thanks as I am a beginner in this arena!


You are welcome

Dimecoin ..... I just heard it, I think it's a good coin, I will see the development of this coin in the next few days, if good, I will try to invest here.....


Now move quickly, I believe you will make a wise decision


I need time Sir, to make a wise decision ,,,, must consider the possibility that happened .... your advice is very good, i also see this coin is very good progress ,,,, it takes courage and wisdom to do it ....

@dobartim really decentralization is the through democracy for freedom. I wish I have more BTC to trade Now, but one day I will have more.

Thanks for your information @dobartim 😊


You are welcome

very nice post...informative....

Thanks for the info, it looks like it has potential, hopefully it will spike up one day :)

Nice post. I will definitely check the link.Resteemed..

@debartim Sir thanks for sharing. I have just heard this coin. May be this coin will break all records. I also heard one more coin i.e. JioCoin . This JioCoin will come in future by Jio Reliance, India.

Is white paper published?


See all information on forum

I like your posts friends

great info as i alwasy say following you in crypto ..

@dobartim i need you help can you help me please .

zero points

awesome article thanks for information

You got me so hyped for this coin! I wish it was on binance, not going to open a new account on cryptopia just for it though. If it gets listed anytime soon, I'm definitely in.

Would you suggest we invest in this money as well?


Yes , now is exellent time

thanks for the info my friend