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A beautiful morning to you friends, this is meemee and I bring you more words on the features of DIGITEX FUTURES EXCHANGE, last time we talked about the token minting model compared to transaction fee and how the use of blockchain technology is making that possible. I have made a graphic video to explain that further and I recommend you watch a graphic form of the review before proceeding to look at what we have for today;

Digitex Futures exchange decided to take up the utilization of a tokens issuance model as against the conventional charges on transactions which is 0.07% transaction rates in most cases.

One more thing before I go into what I have for this post, I would remind you to sign-up and join the waiting list on digitexfutures.com, and participate in their referrals campaign that is presently going on. You can refer friends, family and associates to earn some DGTX tokens while waiting for the launch of the platform by the end of this year. As a matter of fact 5% of the total Digitex Token (DGTX) in circulation is for referrals only. The airdrops accumulated during the campaign will be converted into the actual DGTX that can be used for trading various futures as soon as they launch, which will be at the end of this year 2018. Today we will be talking about Digitex Token Distribution and revenue generation.


Digitex Token is the major instrument use for trading; DGTX is issued to future traders for the purpose of trade within the platform. Aside being used for trading purposes, the usefulness of DGTX is uniquely diversified in terms of preserving the market makers; market maker is an automated Bot that help create liquidity in the market, this has alot to do with maintaining the exchange market. As a result of commerce and trading activities within the ecosystem, DGTX token is distributed among various traders and stakeholder using the platform.

This distribution is based on the ratio of the total 1billion DGTX token in flow. About 20% of DGTX tokens in circulation is dispensed to Digitex Market Maker for the maintenance of the exchange market and about 65% is issued to the public for sales, individuals are given opportunity to trade ETH for DGTX token, which is one major characteristic to own DGTX token, this is because your ETH is converted into the corresponding amount of DGTX tokens to be issued. One ETH is sold at $0.01 per token. 10% which is 100,000,000 of DGTX tokens will be given to the present(current) and future Digitex team members and their consultant, that brought an idea or advice to the table that ensured that Digitex functions optimally, this is done to show appreciation for job well done in the past and present. This is an act of encouragement, to be better. Lastly in the area of DGTX token distribution, 5% goes out for referral bonus, there is DGTX token for everybody, provided you join their waiting team.

VOTING SYSTEM (Revenue token generation)

Digitex Futures Exchange will launch hopefully at the end of this year 2018. They have concluded that more Revenue tokens Will be created to take care of the incurred cost of operating and maintaining the exchange market. But note that the Amount of DGTX tokens to be generated is as a result of voting made by various owners of DGTX token.

Untitled design (6).png

The proposal to print more token can be made by individuals who have already acquired the token. Therefore, the submission of the proposal will be putting into consideration the current price of DGTX tokens and it's cost of operation. Like I said initially, buyers will only buy the DGTX tokens by sending their desired amount of ETH to be converted to the contract address system, where it will then be converted into the proportional DGTX token for the buyer. Note that, after the launch more traders will register on the platform thereby causing an increase in the value and demand of the token, as demand increases, so will the price per DGTX token. Which will in turn suggest less generation of tokens, to avoid inflation on the aggregate supply of DGTX tokens; inflation is total increase in price level. As regards DGTX tokens people will need to pay more money to acquire DGTX token. This will be avoided.

There are amazing features of Digitex still coming your way as a trader or client, I will be talking about more and more features as time goes by. Thank you for reading this post. Stay with me as I come your way again with more features in place. Don't forget to participate in the referral program which is ongoing and also the Airdrop campaign. And also, take some time to watch the video graphic I left at the top of the page. You can also listen to Adam Todd here, here is the CEO and founder of Digitex Futures;

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